Guest Blogger – Melissa Brown

The Future of Philanthropy

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Melissa Brown is our expert speaker at our workshop on October 12, 2017.  Melissa will share her insight on the future of philanthropy.

Charitable giving in the United States is about 2% of GDP.

Giving USA
reports that  Each year, except 2008-2010, philanthropic giving has increased. It makes sense to assume that charitable giving will continue to increase as the economy grows.

But, what if….upcoming generations give differently than their parents and grandparents do or did?  Individuals’ charitable priorities shift from religion and basic needs?  New technologies influence how people learn about causes and decide to give?

In fact, all of these events are happening and affecting charitable receipts at organizations across the U.S. Board members, staff, and volunteers feel the pressure to implement whatever is “new and shiny.” Among those ideas is fundraising from Millennials. But the oldest Millennials are 36 or 37. Most do not feel financially secure to give even 1% of their income, let alone the 2% or more that Boomers and Silent generations contribute.

Between Boomers and Millennials, though, is the so-called Generation X. People in this cohort were born 1965 through 1980. The 66 million Gen-Xers are a major player in today’s philanthropic landscape, and will be for at least a decade or two, as Millennials’ earnings rise and as Boomers move to fixed-income retirement. What do you know about Generation X’s: Philanthropic preferences? Giving habits? Communication style? Volunteer commitments?

Planning now to engage Gen X donors and volunteers may be one of the most essential things you do for your organization’s financial security for ten or more years. To learn more about charitable giving by generation check out this infographic from mobile cause.

The workshop offered by the Center for Nonprofit Resources in Toledo on October 12 will answer some of the questions above. You will have an opportunity to develop plan for your organization based on current research and knowledge about Gen X philanthropy.

Join Melissa Brown on 10/12/17 at her workshop The Future of Philanthropy.

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