Guest Blogger – Katena Cain

Embracing the Power of a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

embracing the power of a diverse workplace 1

Research suggests organizations supportive of diversity and inclusion tend to have higher levels of engagement and retention.  For nonprofits, this results in a greater impact for their communities.

Building an Inclusive Team

Diversity and inclusion is not a luxury, but an important foundation for organizations.  Building an inclusive team and having a diverse candidate pool to hire from is a primary and critical step in the process of creating a diverse and inclusive organization.

How will people know your organization embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity?

Observing the following will provide evidence of your commitment: ​

  • Continuous learning opportunities to strengthen understanding and competencies
  • Equitable systems of recognition
  • Collaborative conflict resolution processes
  • Actively building and strengthening community relationships

Creating a More Diverse Pool of Candidates

Review your recruiting processes.

Posting your position in the same places or relying on the same groups/people for referrals will get you the same candidates with the same profile.  Opportunities shared on a wide variety of platforms generates a more diverse pool of candidates.

Build relationships with cultural groups and organizations that work with diverse communities.

They can become trusted partners to spread the word about your opportunities beyond your current sphere of influence.

Promote the culture of your organization.

Align both internal and external messages with the commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Ensure your actions and messages are in alignment to your commitment.

Walk the walk and talk the talk.

While increasing the diversity of your team is critical, it is not enough.  System changes may also be necessary to demonstrate your commitment to these priorities.

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Katena Cain is a professional consultant skilled at helping diverse groups and communities think creatively and collaboratively together. She empowers people to translate conflict and differences into creative breakthrough. She is a management consultant with Nonprofit Network where is skilled in cognitive coaching, is a certified Bridges Out of Poverty trainer and is a co-creator of a statewide Diversity, Inclusion and Equity toolkit.