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In the most recent Leading with Intent survey, a governance survey conducted by BoardSource, only a slight majority (51%) of organizations reported they use a formal, written self-assessment to evaluate their board’s effectiveness. The bottom line is that effective boards are those that regularly and candidly ask themselves: “How can we do better?”

Before engaging in a self-assessment process, the National Council of Nonprofits invites boards to answer two fundamental questions: “Why does this nonprofit exist?” and “How can our board help advance the mission?”

At the Board Mastermind session on 07-24-18, participants worked with the following resources:

  • BoardSource, Successful Board Self-Assessments Click here
  • Starboard, Is Your Board Ready for Self-Assessments? Click here
  • McKinsey & Company, Nonprofit Board Self Assessment Tool Click here
  • Dalhousie University, Board Self-Evaluation Questionnaire Click here

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