Is your board asleep at the wheel?

is your board asleep at the wheel 1

Guest Blogger – Beth Short, Ohio Attorney General’s Office ​​

Board members of charitable organizations often take time to evaluate the programs of their charities. They want to make sure that high quality services are being provided in an effective way and that those services are still in demand in the community. They may also want to talk with other community leaders about their impressions of the organization, how easy it is to work with the leaders and other indicators that might provide insightful information for the board’s decision-making processes.

But in great organizations, boards evaluate more than their group’s programs. They evaluate themselves, too. How are individual members of the board living up to their responsibilities and providing valuable oversight of the organization? Sometimes that question can reveal a need to change. Perhaps there is a need to engage new board members to energize the organization. Perhaps there is a need to develop some new board committees. Maybe additional diversity and expertise is needed on the board.

When the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section is investigating alleged problems within Ohio charities, far too often the investigation reveals a board of directors that is asleep at the wheel.

Board members have critical legal obligations intended to protect the programs that so many people rely on. At the Sept. 25 training, we will discuss some common sense steps to take to ensure that the board members are living up to their obligations that protect the charity, the donors, and the beneficiaries. There will also be some “scared straight” examples of what can go wrong when the board fails to uphold their noble obligations. Proper board governance isn’t rocket science and doing things the proper way isn’t that difficult. After all, making the world a better place is worth a bit of effort.​

Join Beth for her upcoming workshop on September 25,  9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

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