4 Tips to Building a Non-Profit ​Content Marketing Strategy

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Guest Blogger – Judy McFarland

Non-profits tackle big challenges and have a strong purpose, which is a necessary foundation for great storytelling.  This combination of structured purpose plus meaningful stories enables non-profits to create content that matter’s to people’s lives.  These enriched stories can be educational, inspirational and are most definitely shareable.

A recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute showed most non-profit organizations recognize the importance of content marketing but are uncertain the best way to execute.

  • 74% of those surveyed do not have a documented content marketing strategy
  • 62% are not measuring the ROI on their content marketing efforts  
  • 41% are not aligning their metrics to their organizational goals

These 4 tips will help you create and improve your current strategy.

TIP 1 – Recognize an organization cannot be all things to all people and neither can your content.  Having a clear vision will help when creating effective and engaging content.  The first step can include something as simple as recognizing your organizations mission and purpose.  They aren’t the same. ​

A mission is your organization’s reason for existing – your why.  A purpose is the way you implement your mission – your how.  By separating the two and having clear distinction you can create a more effective content marketing strategy.

TIP 2 – Ensure marketing and development are working together.  Much like sales and marketing work together in a for profit organization, it’s important to align the goals and functions of these two critical areas.  Especially when developing a content marketing strategy.  By working together to craft audience profiles and identify priorities you can achieve better organizational success.

TIP 3 – Have a goal for each piece of content.  Make sure you know the action you want your reader to take.  Is it making a donation, clicking through to another page on the website, watching a video?  Also identify what value those actions can provide; building brand equity, driving donations or increasing engagement.  Be purposeful with what you create.

TIP 4 – Pictures really do speak a thousand words.  Use of images and videos to tell a story can enhance engagement, increase social sharing and create a more meaningful impact and response to those that view.

BONUS – Interested in seeing some non-profit organizations nationally and locally who are executing well?  Take a look at the following: Big Brothers Big Sisters of AmericaBittersweet Farms and Best Friends Animal Society.

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Judy is the President/CEO of Thread Marketing Group.  Leading this organization since 1996, she is primarily responsible for the strategic focus and operational oversight of the company. She provides strategic counsel, brand and account management, and digital/web strategy to clients in the healthcare, manufacturing and education sectors primarily.