The Value of Marketing for Nonprofits

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Guest Blogger – Laura Macknick

There are blogs, workshops, seminars, and even full textbooks that examine how to conduct effective marketing initiatives for your nonprofit organization.  With all that information out there, something all nonprofit organizations should hone in on and understand is the value of marketing. Does your organization understand and follow these marketing guidelines.

UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF STORYTELLING –   At the core of nonprofit messaging, regardless of the marketing platforms being used, is the ability to tell a good story.  Be able to express your organization’s story in a persuasive manner and identify the value of services provided to your intended clients or donors.  Furthermore, the story must tell the community why they should value these efforts enough to volunteer, contribute funds, or advocate for our respective causes.

UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE – Perhaps another challenge many nonprofits face is that they try to be all things to all people instead of taking a more strategic approach.  Before you begin, answer this question: who specifically are you trying to reach with your nonprofit’s story?  What medium(s) of communication are those people using?  Reaching teens for a new program may very well fit on Snapchat or Twitter, but reaching out to a more mature generation may require more traditional methods through press releases in newspapers or public service announcements on radio stations they listen to.    ​

UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF A PLAN – By arming yourself with a marketing plan, you are setting your nonprofit up for marketing and communications success.  Whether it be designed like a calendar, or a more structured written document, the plan should have larger goals, SMART objectives and tactics that map up. Otherwise, how will you benchmark your success to know if you achieved what you set out to accomplish?  

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Laura M. Macknick, MA, CFRE is the Executive Director for the 80/20 Foundation Trust in Columbia City, Indiana.  She has also served for many years as a consultant, public speaker, teacher and former “in the trenches” Executive Director who managed fundraising and marketing for fund-seeking nonprofit organizations, big and small.