Funding – Food Banks

USDA Opportunity if your organization offers a food bank as a part of its operations

(as shared by Ben Pushka, Lucas County)

If your organization offers a food bank as part of its operations, Shelly Okun from Sam Okun’s Produce informed me of a USDA grant opportunity.  

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USDA has pushed out a grant to supply 20 pound boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to families. The grant would require food service distributors, like Sam Okun, to deliver these boxes to nonprofit entities, including schools. These boxes are FREE and meant to supply a family one weeks worth of food. There is no income limit for families to receive these boxes. If awarded, Sam Okun would begin distribution in June.

At this time, Shelly is trying to gauge community interest. If you are interested, can you please email Shelly at [email protected] with who you would like to be her point of contact within your organization, as well as an estimated number of families per week you think your organization would be serving.

Also, this opportunity/distribution is open to nonprofits throughout NW Ohio, not just Lucas County. If you know other organizations in neighboring counties who you think would like to participate in this program, please have them reach out to Shelly.

Finally, if you have questions about this opportunity, please direct them towards Shelly.