C4NPR Chat – NEW – Book Club

Nonprofit HELLO! Refreshed

We are refreshing the Nonprofit HELLO! Zoom meetings to focus on effective resources. Join us as we start with a great book recommended by Zach Huber, Grants Specialist at Toledo-Lucas County Library.

Build your knowledge on grant writing by participating in our discussion of the book The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need by Arlen Sue Fox and Ellen Karsh. Interested in a more in-depth conversation about writing grants?

Registration required. Click here

The book is divided into three sections for easier discussion. Don’t have time to read the book but still want to be part of the discussion? No problem!

We encourage you to join us with your questions or bring your own grant writing experiences to share.

  • 9/22: Part 1: Prerequisites (pgs 1-118)
  • 10/6: Part 2: It’s Finally Time to Write the Grant (pgs 119-270)
  • 10/20: Part 3: And After the Proposal (pgs 271-313 and appendices)

The book is available from the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library in two formats.
Print Ebook

The book is also available for purchase on Amazon.

ZachHuber, Grants Specialist
Toledo-Lucas County Library