Bar Manager

The Bar Manager is a key member of the Valentine Theatre’s Front of House staff whose primary role is to manage all bars in the main theatre and Studio A.  This employee is responsible for overseeing all bar operations for productions, corporate events, and other rentals.  This role collaborates regularly with the Director of Special Events and House Manager to ensure front of house operations run smoothly at all times.


Job Description and duties:

The Bar Manager is responsible for all aspects of bar operation and administration, providing unsurpassed service while meeting and maintaining all health, safety, and liquor licensing regulations and ensuring that staff is following local requirements and proper alcohol distribution regulations.


Duties include scheduling bartenders to ensure accurate coverage for events, attending all events to supervise bar operations, managing and resolving customer complaints, ordering products from vendors and conducting/maintaining inventory.


This is a salaried, year-round, full-time position.  The majority of hours are in the evenings and on weekends during events.  In addition, candidate can expect to spend some hours in the office each week, as well as running errands as needed to fulfill inventory needs. Health and retirement benefits are offered.



Bar Manager Responsibilities:

  • Search for, interview, and hire bartenders
  • Approve biweekly bartenders’ timesheets for the payroll process
  • Coordinate training for all bartending staff, including product familiarity and safe-serving techniques (ASK Training/Certification)
  • Maintain a pool of bartenders, schedule, and supervise them at all events.
  • Manage, staff, maintain, and run all bar operations to ensure a great customer experience.
  • Close out bar sales for deposit at the end of each event.
  • Develop and update bar menus and update POS systems.
  • Manage all bar inventory and purchasing, and conduct month-end inventory count with the report
  • Restock the bar inventory and supplies on a timely basis and work directly with product vendors
  • Work behind the bar as a bartender if/when needed

Bar Manager Skills and Expectations:

  • Bar Managers will need both written and verbal communication skills.
  • Verbal communication skills are crucial as Bar Managers will need to develop working relationships with employees, customers and other management.
  • Problem-solving: It is the role of the Bar Manager to diffuse conflict within the bar. This requires developed problem-solving skills that allow the bar manager to effectively handle conflict in a way that works for both the customer and the staff.
  • Leadership: Leadership skills will assist the Bar Manager in effectively leading their bar staff in a way that is productive and organized.
  • Organizational: Bar Managers are in charge of many different aspects of the business including hiring, promoting, training, scheduling and managing, so strong organizational skills are necessary.
  • They should pay close attention to detail since they’re regularly scheduling shifts, ensuring that rules are being followed and taking stock of all the bar materials and supplies.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Scheduling capabilities
  • Bar management experience
  • At least two years as a bartender
  • Extensive knowledge of products
  • Demonstrated proficiency with POS systems
  • Cash handling experience
  • Ability to perform under pressure and cope with unforeseen circumstances
  • Experience in bar/restaurant/catering industry is preferred

Physical Demands / Work Environment / Hours:


The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential work functions.

  • Job functions require a combination of sitting, standing, lifting, typing, and use of a computer.
  • Workplace can have moderate to high stress levels.
  • May be required to lift or move up to 50 lbs using proper lifting techniques
  • Non-typical office hours will be customary including mornings, evenings, weekends

This job description is a summary of duties which you as an employee are expected to perform in your
assignment. It is by no means an all-inclusive list, rather a broad guide to expected duties. As an employee you must understand that a job description is neither complete nor permanent and may be modified at any time. At the request of management, any employee may be asked to perform additional duties, responsibilities, or projects without notice.


To apply for this position, email resume and letter of interest to [email protected]. Please put “Bar Manager” in the subject line of the email.  Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled.  We hope to fill the position by mid-July.