Executive Director, Center for Civic Engagement

Position Description


Job Title:  Executive Director, Center for Civic Engagement


Role:  The Executive Director for the Center for Civic Engagement provides leadership and direction for the coalition-building process in Hancock County, assists local coalitions, and builds relationships across coalitions and sectors to advance the work of the Center.


Hours: Full-Time, Exempt


Salary Range: $60,000 – $70,000


Reports to: Center for Civic Engagement Board of Directors


Mission: The Findlay-Hancock County Center for Civic Engagement supports a network of community partners to interconnect resources and address complex social issues.


Number of Employees That Will be Supervised: 1-2 student fellows each year


General Summary:  The Executive Director provides leadership and vision for the Center for Civic Engagement.  The Executive Director will promote the engagement of community members in the coalition process throughout Hancock County; build relationships with individuals in the not for profit, for profit, government, health, and education fields within and outside Hancock County; provide ample training and coaching to coalition participants, chairs, facilitators, and stakeholders; and communicate vision and activities of the CCE and accomplishments and opportunities of the coalitions to internal and external stakeholders.



Percent of Time



Duties / Responsibilities

35% Leadership
●        Promote the engagement of community members in addressing local concerns through coalitions in Hancock County.
●        Provide vision for the Center for Civic Engagement and participants in the coalition building process.
●        Host monthly Advisory Chair meetings.
●        Attend guiding team and coalition meetings on an as needed basis.
●        Leverage technical assistance needed to enable Coalitions to identify, address and evaluate their self-identified grand challenge.
●        Organize assessment processes for the Center for Civic Engagement – set goals and track progress.
●        House the Foundation Directory Online – Funding Inventory Network and assist nonprofit organizations in accessing the director to search for grant opportunities.
●        Attend/present at local, state, and national conferences and learning exchanges.
●        Represent the Center for Civic Engagement – e.g., attend events, annual meetings, award ceremonies and other opportunities – to increase the Center’s visibility within the community.
35% Communication and Relationship-Building
●        Assist Coalitions with communication plan to share wins and opportunities to the Board, stakeholders, and greater community.
●        Create and disseminate reports as needed.
●        Manage website and social media.
●        Identify and facilitate opportunities for coalitions to work together to address cross-coalition concerns.
●        Connect with other communities and entities doing similar work.
20% Training & Coaching
●        Train coalition participants, chairs, facilitators, and stakeholders on the coalition building process.
●        Ensure guidebooks and other resources are up to date and accessible.
●        Facilitate retreats to build relationships among coalitions and provide information/training.
●        Utilize consultants from a variety of fields to help train and coach participants, chairs, facilitators, and stakeholders. of coalitions.
●        Provide training opportunities to local coalition participants and community members for leadership and skill development including Lunch & Learn sessions on relevant topics and workshops on community leadership, the coalition process,  and skill enhancement.
10%  Advocacy
●        Represent initiatives within Hancock County and outside at a regional, state, and national level.
●        Attend legislative events to advocate for the coalitions and Center.




Education/Certifications/Licensure: Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree preferred.


Experience: 5+ years of experience in the nonprofit and/or philanthropy sector, demonstrated experience leading collaboration efforts, relationship-building, and promoting a vision.


Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  Thorough understanding of the community, coalition-building, collaboration, and working across sectors on community problems. Experience with nonprofit organizations and governance, collective impact, community leadership are essential.  Basic technology skills (Microsoft, databases, etc.).  Extensive experience in relationship building, partnership development (internally and externally).  Self – starter, highly organized, ability to self – manage.


Application Process:   Please email your resume and cover letter to the Center for Civic Engagement Board at dittoe@findlay.edu.  Information should be submitted by noon on February 15, 2021.