National Communications Advocate

National Communications Advocate  

Minimum 3 years’ experience required 

Salary commensurate with experience 

Benefits including participatory Health Insurance  

Mission: Unite Americans who care about homeless veterans by helping to define and implement a multichannel end-to-end marketing and social media communication strategy integrating macro to micro campaign messaging from fan to engagement, across multiple distinct revenue streams. 

Responsibilities Include: 

  • *Create and document the implementation content, structure and project plan for the deployment of the multi-channel end-to-end marketing campaign across all 6 revenue streams.   
  • *Help establish annual communications and messaging strategy which results in more veterans housed.  
  • *Conduct Analysis of data sets relative to the performance of the communications strategy and mission including message testing.  
  • *Create and publish communications tools and campaigns through proper portals based on the data. 
  • *Manage a communications advocate and designer to drive advocate level engagement.  

Required Demonstrated Successful Experience  

  • Writing – Creating communications documents including welcome letters, blog posts, newsletters etc. 
  • Strong sense of urgency and attention to detail – veterans are counting on us 
  • Self-starter and can problem-solve with minimal direction    
  • Mailchimp or other email marketing tools at the marketing level 
  • Digital Data Collection and Analysis  
  • Micro and Macro audience targeting and marketing including SEO 

In other words, we have some incredible people, groups and companies nationwide who care about homeless veterans as much as we do. These are fans, allies and advocates, who have rallied up with us to help over 3,400 of these heroes find a home for the brave in the land of the free.   

We want to build the communications channels for all our fans, allies and advocates to know the impact they have already had, and to give them the tools to rally-up others who care like they do.   

Education: Any type of communications degree is nice, but not required in lieu of experience.  

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