Overnight Staff


Works with adults (16+) with disabilities in a residential camp setting called Courageous Acres.Works within a team to supervise campers during night hours and assist with needs as they arise. Assists in the implementation of personal care plans as they pertain to sleeping arrangements.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

Documents behaviors, progress, and/or needs, as necessary throughout the night hours. Maintains records as directed by the Camp Director and/ or immediate supervisor. 

Monitors and directs campers’ behaviors in the night. Follows any directed Behavior Management program. 

Attends to campers’ hygiene needs. May include: helping with restroom use, changing diapers/depends, dressing, and showering. 

May be required to assist or move individuals with disabilities, to maintain or improve their comfort, development, habilitation, and safety throughout the night. 

Attends to medical needs of campers whether it is on an emergency basis or an ongoing basis. Remains informed about the time of administration of medication, and complete administration of medication as necessary. Is under the supervision of the on-site or on-call Nurse. All medications, prescription and over-the-counter, are administered by our nursing staff only. 

Investigates, reports, and records all incidents and/or accidents occurring during supervised night hours to nursing, immediate supervisor, and the Executive Director. 

Attends Staff Orientation and staff meetings as directed by the Camp Director. 

Completes 8-hour provider certification training via the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, as well as CPR and First Aid certifications.

Other Duties and Responsibilities: 

Required to follow all established COVID-19 protocols. These protocols are under constant revision as new research and recommendations come forward.

Required to keep confidential the background, personal information, and individual service plans pertaining to individual campers. 

Required to remain awake and in the cabin with assigned campers throughout the night.

Usual physical demands: 

While performing the daily duties of overnight staff, the employee intermittently sits, stands, walks, and uses hands to help campers throughout the night. Works with campers on hygiene and toileting skills. The employee occasionally lifts or exerts force on items, with varying weights. Frequently, the employee may have to help lift or move an adult camper. 


Applicants must be 18 years of age. Previous education or work related to persons with disabilities or previous recreation experience preferred but not required. Previous or present high school education and basic written and oral communication English skills a must. Required to have a current application, resume, and letters of reference (as requested) on file with Courageous Community Services. A satisfactory FBI/BCI criminal background check required prior to employment. 

Pay Details: 

Schedule will be set at 5 nights per week, Sunday evening through Friday morning. Shifts will be 8 hours per night. Pay periods will be bi-weekly. Contract for pay is based on experience. Appropriate taxes will be withheld. 

For more information or to request an application contact: 

Courageous Community Services, Inc. 

12701 Waterville-Swanton 

Whitehouse, OH 43571