Nonprofit Thought Leadership


The Center for Nonprofit Resources curates the publication of Nonprofit Thought Leadership: A Year in Review. The inaugural issue in 2017 was met with rave reviews and the 2018 issue continues to provide nonprofit professionals and board members with concepts, tools and resources sure to get you thinking about the possibilities for your nonprofit.

We thank each of the thought leaders who shared their knowledge and expertise via blog posts and online interviews as a prelude to their workshops. C4NPR hosted workshops throughout the year in the six tracks listed in the Summary of Contents.

Click here for the 2018 Year in Review- full of insights into the continuous improvement paths for nonprofits.

The Center for Nonprofit Resources has a rich history of providing access to experts on a wide variety of topics to support excellence in the nonprofit sector. 

In 2017 our partnership with these experts evolved to include the creation of original material to share both prior to their local workshop and to be available in the C4NPR archives.


We asked each expert to select the platform they preferred to present their fresh content. Some were guest bloggers on Gearing Up, the C4NPR blog. Others chose to digitally record a C4NPR Chat.

When we stood back at the end of the year and evaluated this body of knowledge in its entirety, we realized we had the opportunity to curate an incredible volume of thought leadership.

Click here to download your copy of the 2017 Year in Review.  It’s a treasure trove of ideas, concepts and tools.