Human Resources

Human Resources, without them how can you expect to run a successful nonprofit? Whether you are talking about board members, volunteers, full or part-time staff, understanding the regulations, policies and procedures to have in place is critical to remaining in legal compliance as well as having a happy, well-supported staff. To accomplish this, nonprofit organizations have to address the following six personnel issues, as delineated in the Small Business Administration publication Human Resources Management:

  • Assessing personnel needs
  • Recruiting personnel
  • Screening personnel
  • Selecting and hiring personnel
  • Orienting new employees to the organization
  • Deciding compensation issues

Employee Policies

Having an employee handbook is often your first step in creating a human resources policy to guide your organization. This article, Employee Handbook Essentials, from Michelle Kreager Ish of The HR Department of Oak Harbor, Ohio provides a nice example.


Nothing is more important to an organization’s health and sustainability than getting highly qualified people to serve on the board. And according to, boards consistently state that, after fundraising, people management (from volunteers to staff to the board) is the area of greatest need.

HR 101

Does your organization have a written job description for the CEO/President/Executive Director that clearly spells out his or her responsibilities? The HR Department provides this sample for you Performance evaluations for all employees are best practice among nonprofits. Click here for a sample 90-day evaluation and performance evaluation, both come to us from The HR Department.

Keeping personnel files safe and secure is not only a good idea, you are legally required to make certain all sensitive information is kept private. The compliance guidelines for personnel files can be found here.

“How Are We Doing?” Checklist

Useful checklist  – Human Resource Management Indicators for Nonprofit OrganizationsClick here to view the checklist.

Compensation and The Form 990

In order to properly complete your IRS Form 990 and ensure your salary levels are in keeping with other nonprofits in your region and your state, C4NPR encourages you to take part in the semi-annual Nonprofit Salary Survey/Compensation & Benefits Survey, given in partnership with OANO (Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations). If you are subscribed to the C4NPR E-News, you will automatically be invited to participate. Participants in the survey receive a free copy of the survey report from OANO to use in your 990. Click here for more information.

Compensation in the Nonprofit Context – the presentation provides great information including legal compliance info regarding CEOs and other nonprofit staff. From our friends at with the help of NOLO and Blue Avocado.

Additional Links You May Find Helpful

Bureau of Labor Statistics  – The principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor statistics and economics.
Dictionary of Occupational Titles – Includes information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities and interests associated with occupations.
S.O.A.R. Interviewing Model – Provides interviewing techniques and tips.
United States Department of Labor
 – Provides information on minimum wage and overtime pay.  Also provides free copies of labor postings.
O*Net – Includes information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities and interests associated with occupations.

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