C4NPR Nonprofit Research

Early Research


In June 2018, The Center convened 64 interested community members to share the finding from Phase I and open a dialogue informed by the findings.  A digital overview of the session is provided below.

NP_Research_Briefing_med 1


Click here to watch the Digital Overview (14 min 28 sec)

Click here  to view the presentation from June 26, 2018 (PDF)

Based on the curiosity of the key community stakeholders, The Center conducted what we are calling Phase I-B.  

Two critical data sets were extracted and the data re-cast to better understand the nonprofit landscape in our region.  This briefing explains why the two groups were extracted and how the data was impacted.  

Cover_NP_Research_Briefing_50_med 2


Click here to watch the Digital Overview (8 min 38 sec)

Click here to view the presentation from July 2018 (PDF)

Phase II

The goal of Phase II was to establish a methodology that could be used to examine any sub-sector in our nonprofit community in more depth.

Three main criteria were used to identify the sub-sector:  (1) The IRS Taxonomy Code, (2) the group of nonprofits was small enough to conduct an accelerated analysis and (3) the group of nonprofits was large enough to better understand the community resources focused on one issue/area.

The public briefing was designed to encourage the 26 key community stakeholders to adopt a systems approach  when examining the data.  Working in teams, participants worked collectively to analyze the data without knowing which sub-sector they were analyzing.

NP_Research_Briefing_II_med 3


Click here to watch the Digital Overview (16 min 43 sec)

Click here to view the presentation from August 2018 (PDF)