Understanding The Nonprofit Landscape in Northwest Ohio

In 2018, The Center for Nonprofit Resources launched an initiative to understand the nonprofit landscape in northwest Ohio.  The goal was to shift the conversation about local nonprofit community from anecdotal to data-driven discussions. 

The findings are summarized in a White Paper published by the Toledo Community Foundation.   We are excited to offer a reliable, data-driven method to measure and understand our local nonprofit landscape. 

A profile containing a set of 10 key indicators (i.e. number of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, total revenue, total contributions, etc.) was developed and the profiles can be monitored annually for changes and to identify trends. 

An additional profile with an expanded set of 16 key indicators was developed to understand the community investment in a specific opportunity or challenge within a sub-sector.  The sub-sector profile was tested with the group of nonprofits supporting animal protection and welfare.

The white paper also includes two community-based case studies demonstrating the application of the sub-sector analysis methodology.  While not the goal of the initiative, other communities can use the methodology to understand their local nonprofit landscape.

Links to download a copy of Understanding the Nonprofit Landscape in Northwest Ohio and sample infographics highlighted in the report are available below.  Questions can be directed to The Center for Nonprofit Resources at 419-241-9513 or [email protected].