Mergers, Consolidations, Acquisitions and Exit Strategies

In challenging times, making your organization a sustainable entity can be difficult. Sometimes the best strategy is to consider an alliance with an organization whose mission and vision you share.  An alliance or merger can be the best way to continue your organization’s work and legacy and maximize outcomes for your staff and the clients you serve. Below are some resources to help you explore these complex topics. Information at the bottom of the page includes nonprofit dissolution (what to do when closing your doors).

Nonprofit Alliances and Mergers

Funding for Mergers and Alliances

Are you seeking financial assistance with your alliance or merger? Visit the Strategic Alliance Partnership Grant page at The Center for Nonprofit Resources encourages nonprofit agencies that are exploring mergers and alliances to apply for this funding opportunity.

Exit Strategies

When an organization considers ending its life, it is both a difficult and complex process. Everyone involved needs to be included in the decision including a nonprofit board, administrative and line staff, partners and stakeholders. The following articles and documents provide insight and information into the process of closing a nonprofit.

Questions about dissolution should be directed to a compliance examiner in the Charitable Law Section. Contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at 800-282-0515.