Assessor – Adopt America Network
*To apply, please email a copy of your resume to Sara Boron at [email protected]

HOURS:  Part time contractor with irregular hours Monday-Sunday on evening and weekends as needed.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline is required, or ability to complete assessor duties as outlined by ODJFS.
  • Organizational skills, attentions to detail, sound judgment, integrity and the ability to work independently as well as in a team and communicate effectively with internal and external contacts.
  • Experience with ODJFS relations and child welfare licensing is preferred.


Responsible to Requesting Agency and Adopt America Network (AAN)

RESPONSIBILITIES – May include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work with people seeking to adopt or provide foster care, kinship care for a child, and perform duties as outlined in Contract.
  • Have completed or complete all training requirements as outlined by ODJFS to be considered an Assessor in the state of Ohio.
  • To complete all required paperwork as required by rule for the person(s) they are completing the homestudy or other activities as identified in the contract.
  • To avoid a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, an assessor shall not complete any of the documents or services as prohibited by ODJFS.
  • To perform assessor duties in compliance with the requirements in the assessor definition contained in rule 5101:2-1-01of the Administrative Code and section 3107.014 of the Revised Code.
  • Submit time and mileage reimbursement to AAN within timeframes as specified in the contract.
  • Submit all required paperwork to the Requesting agency, meeting all required deadlines.
  • Communicate with assigned assessor support staff any issues or needs.
  • To complete an additional six accrediting training hours as required every two years (the cycle of having an additional ongoing six accrediting training hours required every two years begins with the completion of the twelve hour “Assessor Refresher” training).
  • Enter completed home studies into SACWIS within 4.5 months.
  • Provide a writing sample to demonstrate performance and skill to the requesting agency as requested.