Behavior Technician

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm

Primary job responsibility is to help persons with developmental disabilities and/or mental health
disorders succeed in the community, schools, work, and family integration and contribution.
Services may be delivered to children or adults during the day, evening, and/or weekend based
upon the client’s needs. The Behavior Technician will work with individuals and families to provide
person-centered care and treatment services. Services may be provided in the home and/or
community based upon client needs. Staff will primarily receive supervision through on-site and
telehealth observation and feedback.
Essential Functions
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the
essential functions.
• Assist the client in achieving personal independence in managing their basic needs,
including but not limited to coping skills, self-advocacy, self-care, communication, social
skills and self-managing leisure time.
• Facilitate the further development of daily living skills as needed, including but not limited
to, facilitating personal hygiene skills, mobility, meal preparation and eating skills, toileting,
dressing, showering and care of personal property.
• Monitor, document, and support the client’s developmental disability needs and/or mental
health symptoms.
• Provide skill development opportunities specific to the consumer’s needs and treatment
plan. Provide choice-making opportunities and communication opportunities whenever
• Maintain data, documents, records and materials related to assigned individuals and their
treatment plans. Assist in monitoring goal progression. Identify and document when
interventions are needed for specific goals due to lack of progression.
• Assure that proper procedures are followed in regard to each individual and their inherent
• Attend training as directed, including but not limited to, monthly QBHS supervision and
annual Relias training.
• Participate in training, meetings, etc., in the community or consumer’s home.
• Maintain certifications, clinical, and human resource requirements including but not limited
to CPR, First Aid, annual training requirements, annual evaluations, and timekeeping in
• Maintain certification in Ukeru (trauma-informed care, blocking, and personal safety
training). This position does not require the use of restrictive interventions, including
• Submit service records electronically within 48 hours of service. Submit all incident reports
and MUIs the same day as the incident and notify the supervisor immediately.
• Data should be collected for behaviors to reduce, and skills being taught during each session
with a client and submitted daily.
• Seek, receive, and apply feedback appropriately and professionally, and work towards goals
developed with clients and treatment teams, and supervisors.
• Maintain professionalism and interpersonal boundaries when working with the client,
client’s family, friends, and others on the client’s treatment team.
• Maintain punctuality and exemplary attendance and request time off in advance from the
supervisor as needed.
• Maintain confidentiality requirements at all times, including while in the community with or
without the client present.
• Responsible for reading and following the employee handbook and all Boundless policies
and procedures.
• Staff are expected to work scheduled hours and seek supervisor approval in advance for
changes in hours/shifts.
• Willingness to transport clients, when appropriate and safe for clients and staff.
• Other duties, and responsibilities, as directed.
Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• Intermediate computer and tablet skills.
• Professional telephone etiquette.
• Caring and compassionate. Desire to help others and teach new skills
• Collaboration skills and teamwork oriented.
• Interpersonal communication skills
• Thoroughness and attention to detail Desire to help others and teach new skills
Required Education and Experience:
• Must be at least 18 years of age.
• High School Diploma or equivalent.
• Must be able to communicate in English, including both spoken and in writing.
Preferred Education and Experience:
• Three years of experience working with vulnerable populations, especially those with
developmental disabilities or mental health disorders.
• College Degree in a related field.
• Experience in ABA.
• Ability to obtain and maintain First Aid, CPR – adult, child, and infant. (Training will be
provided, if not already certified).
• Valid Ohio Driver’s License with Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles; proof of auto insurance,
insurable driving record (five points or fewer).
Additional Eligibility Qualifications:
• Must be able to function independently and have flexibility, personal integrity, and the
ability to work effectively with those served, their families, and other professional staff.
• Ability to accept and implement feedback and constructive criticism in teaching, and overall
job operations.
• Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when appropriate.
• Must maintain all licenses/certifications /training/credentialing as required for job.
Supervisory Responsibility
This position has no supervisory responsibility.
Work Environment
This job may will primarily operate in individuals’ homes or in the community, depending upon
services being delivered. An individual in this position may be exposed to the following
environmental conditions when performing duties:
• Inside Environmental Conditions
• Outside Environmental Conditions
• Exposure to Blood
• Exposure to Bodily Fluids
• Combative Behavior

To apply for this position please visit or reach out to Ja’nee Barnett Recruiter at [email protected]