Executive Director Position

Executive Director Open Position John Henry Eldred Jr Foundation January 2024


About The John Henry Eldred Jr. Foundation:

A Legacy of Compassion and Community Investment

 The John Henry Eldred Jr. Foundation humbly reflects a legacy deeply rooted in visionary philanthropy. As a young and growing organization, our mission centers on strengthening families and communities by partnering with nonprofits in the Greater Toledo Area and small, rural libraries in low-income communities. These partnerships address crucial aspects of society, including food insecurity, housing stability, and youth education, with the aim of leaving a lasting impact that resonates across generations.

Since our inception in 2012, we’ve had the privilege of making substantial contributions to over 85 nonprofit organizations ($1,753,800) and libraries in 22 states ($1,293,100), totaling

$3,046,900. These funds include the most recent grant cycle in 2023.

Our foundation’s roots trace back to the entrepreneurial spirit of John Henry Eldred Jr., who, despite a challenging childhood, embodied fairness, adventure, and compassion. His business acumen led to the establishment of Midwest Tape in 1989, evolving into an international media distribution company serving over 8,000 libraries. Alongside his business partner, Jeff Jankowski, John expanded their ventures, contributing significantly to the world of publishing and media distribution through Dreamscape Media and hoopla Digital.

John’s dedication to philanthropy grew from his profound belief in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio community. Over the years, he built a successful empire and, in honor of his mother, Dorothy Louise Kyler, founded the Dorothy Louise Kyler Foundation, supporting low-income rural libraries.

In 2023, The Foundation was renamed the John Henry Eldred Jr. Foundation to honor his legacy, expanding its reach to support Toledo-area nonprofits. We’ve granted funds to numerous organizations, such as Connecting Kids to Meals, the WYCA, Cherry St. Mission, Partners in Education, The Open Door of Delta, and many more, all striving to positively impact the lives of individuals and families in the Greater Toledo Area.

Our impact on libraries extends beyond Ohio, reaching rural libraries in states such as Michigan, Maine, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee.

As a beacon of hope, The Foundation, driven by strategic investments and unwavering dedication, continues to uplift families and communities, ensuring a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve. John Henry Eldred Jr.’s vision lives on, inspiring positive change and creating a legacy of compassion for generations to come.

For more information, please visit the John Henry Eldred Jr. Foundation website.

Position Summary:

 The John Henry Eldred Jr Foundation seeks an Executive Director (ED) who embraces the Foundation’s vision, mission, and values and will propel the organization to an exciting next chapter of impact.

This position will be overseeing the strategic direction, day-to-day operations, and overall success of the non-profit organization. The ED will work closely with the Foundation board, staff, and the communities it serves to actualize philanthropic priorities that reflect and support a recently adopted strategic plan. The Foundation’s new leader will direct a growing organization and contribute to the development of policies and organization philosophy that will guide the actions of the Foundation for decades to come. The unique opportunity exists to exponentially elevate the Foundation’s impact in the city of Toledo and the region.

The Foundation is committed to an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible work environment, and further recognizes that diversity in our workforce fosters excellence and is reflected in the Foundation’s values. The Executive Director is expected to reside in Toledo or a nearby community to accomplish the work of the Foundation.

Priorities and Responsibilities:

 Executive Leadership:

  • Oversee grant programs, administration, and financial operations in a manner that supports the Foundation’s mission and enhances the Foundation’s impact.
  • Direct the implementation of the Foundation’s newly adopted strategic plan, working with the board to translate objectives into concrete workplans, timelines, and staffing
  • Have overall management responsibility for developing and maintaining a responsive, efficient, and accountable organization that reports to the Board of
  • Advance the Foundation’s culture and organizational success ensuring that programs and initiatives are well-supported by expert staff and counsel where needed and uphold shared commitments to excellence and values of measured risk-taking, innovation, humility, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Represent the Foundation with integrity and curiosity, nurturing existing relationships and building new ones; maintain a high professional profile in Toledo and the surrounding communities and in national library sector.
  • Work with the Board to establish the Foundation’s partnerships, grantmaking focus, and

Board Relations:

  • Build strong relationships and maintain regular communicationwith the Board president and Trustees; provide them with leadership and support in their work for the
  • Attend all Board and Board committee Providereports and updates on all current programs, project timelines, staff performance, implementation of the Foundation’s strategic plan, and overall organizational progress.
  • Implement Board-approved organizational policies, procedures, and plans, including the Foundation’s strategic plan; attend to the metrics under such plans and regularly report to the Board on the achievement of the
  • Work closely with the Board to plan for the long-term future of the Foundation, including developing a staffing plan that anticipates the growth of the

Organizational Management

  • Organize,motivate, and mentor staff to ,execute grantmaking programs that leverage the Foundation’s impact and fulfill its mission with creativity and
  • Foster a culture that encourages collaboration and contributions from the staff and outside
  • Oversee staff hiring, performance assessment and HR policy
  • Oversee the Foundation’s grantmaking program, including the implementation of strategies and focus areas consistent with the Foundation’s strategic plan and its mission, review of grant applications, response to letters of inquiry, preparation of grant evaluations, and other matters requiring Board attention or action.
  • Stay abreast of policy issues related to the Foundation’s grantmaking; engage expert consultation and conduct public policy research related to issues of concern to the Foundation and future grant action consistent with the Foundation’s strategic plan.

Financial Management and Compliance

  • Oversee the Foundation’s operational fiscal Coordinate the development of the annual budget including submission to the Board for approval.
  • Review and coordinate submission of the monthly financial statements to the Finance Committee and Treasurer which accurately reflect the Foundation’s performance against the annual
  • Participate in monitoring the policies for and performance of the Foundation’s investment portfolio, for which overall and final responsibility remains with the Board’s Finance Committee and their chosen
  • Oversee and direct the preparation of the Foundation’s annual tax and other regulatory
  • Work closely with financial leadership and legal counsel to ensure that the Foundation complies with all relevant state and federal regulations; communicate those requirements to the Board and stay current on proposed or approved regulatory changes that may affect the Foundation.

Community Relations and Communications:

  • Present and promote the Foundation and its mission, programs, partners, staff, and members in a consistently positive
  • Maintaina high professional profile in the local community and the regional philanthropic sector, projecting integrity and
  • Represent the Foundation and serve as chief spokesperson at public events, conferences, and partnership meetings.
  • Welcome opportunities to develop innovative, purposeful, collaborative programs with other nonprofit, for-profit, public and private
  • Manage all aspects of the Foundation’s marketing and public relations. Opportunities for impact:
  • Connecting with stakeholders in the community, undertake a rigorous assessment of the current needs in relation to each of our stated giving priority areas: youth education, food insecurity and housing instability.
  • Usethe information gained in these assessments, with the board president, board members, and community leaders to develop and adopt theory of change statements for each priority area.
  • Work with the Board president and the board at large to develop grantmaking programs that align with the adopted theories of change.
  • Work with the Board President, Treasurer and financial advisors to develop a spending policy which balances the future goals of the Foundation and the direct needs of the people we aim to serve.
  • Ensure operational excellence and efficiency across the organization, and as it grows, consider where new models and/or approaches might best serve the

Key Qualifications:

 A record of accomplishment in strategic planning, program development, financial and organizational

  • demonstrate capacity for keen strategic leadership and organizational design and development, as well as an ability to oversee and manage diverse programmatic and/or philanthropic initiatives as they grow
  • While interest and expertise in youth education, food insecurity, or housing stability would be an asset, it is not necessary for the ED to be an expert in any one relevant area. Strong candidates will bring some experience and interest in one or more program areas and demonstrate rigor and flexibility to work across diverse content and strategic
  • A natural builder of both relationships and systems, committed to the use of data and research in effective decision
  • A consultative and inclusive management
  • Personal and professional collegiality, acumen, and collaborative skills that instill confidence in the Board, staff, grantees, and partner organizations.
  • An active listener who is open to new ideas and is committed to building a learning
  • Experience managing and leading people in a high-performing and diverse team environment; commitment to fostering team culture that is values-centered and the ability to bring a spirit of joy and good humor to work.
  • Strong convening skills and an authentic interest in listening to and learning from others; ability to establish and maintain trust with a diverse set of internal and external
  • An empathetic and humble connection to the Foundation grantees and the communities they aim to serve in the greater Toledo area.
  • Proven record as an effective organizational spokesperson in collaboration with Board leadership and staff.
  • Strong writing and public-speaking
  • Ten years of experience with increased levels of responsibility for management and program development.
  • Graduate degree


 The annual base salary for this position is expected to be in the $100,000-120,000 range. In addition, this role is eligible for a competitive benefits package.

Interested Candidates:

 Please submit a cover letter, resume and three references, via email only, to Aly Sterling, president and founder of Aly Sterling Philanthropy, [email protected] by EOD January 15, 2024.