Fair Housing Testing Coordinator and Investigator

POSITION TITLE: Fair Housing Testing Coordinator and Investigator

REPORTS TO: CEO & General Counsel

EXEMPTION STATUS: Exempt – salary, full time.


Would you like the opportunity to work within a dynamic nonprofit advocating for civil rights and fair housing?

The Fair Housing Center (TFHC) is accepting applications for a Fair Housing Investigator/Testing Coordinator to conduct investigations of allegations of housing discrimination, including coordinating tests of landlords, financial institutions, insurance agencies, home appraisals, real estate professionals to determine whether or not housing discrimination is occurring.  This position will also manage tester recruitment, training and retention. You will work in collaboration with a team of seasoned professionals. Previous experience in fair housing or other related experience coordinating volunteers preferred and demonstrated ability to operate databases and perform grant reporting. Bachelor’s degree or at least 3 years of equivalent experience required. This is a full-time position which includes a competitive salary and benefits package. Hours, Monday- Thursday 9a-5p, and Friday 9a-3p with occasional evening and weekend hours. Reliable transportation is required.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should email their cover letter, résumé, and references in PDF form to [email protected]. No phone calls please.

The Fair Housing Center:

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Fair Housing Center is a nonprofit civil rights agency that promotes housing choice, the creation of inclusive communities of opportunity, and the protection and expansion of fair housing rights to support strong communities free of housing discrimination.

VISION STATEMENT: The Fair Housing Center will be a leading visible force in preventing, correcting and eliminating discriminatory housing practices. To achieve our vision, the Center works as a trusted community resource, engaging in education and outreach, advocacy for anti-discriminatory housing policies, mediation, research and investigation, and enforcement actions.

Position Description:

Primary duties include fair housing test coordination and tester recruitment, training and retention for all housing testing projects of The Fair Housing Center, including but not limited to rental, financial institution, homeowners’ insurance, home appraisal, and real estate tests. The Test Coordinator works in close collaboration with a team of professionals and will be supervised by a Staff Attorney. This is a full-time professional office position, averaging 40 hours per week. Reliable transportation is required.

Fair Housing Testing:

Testing is an investigative tool used to gather evidence. Generally, fair housing testing refers to the use of individuals (“testers”) who, without any bona fide intent to rent or purchase a home, apartment, or other dwelling, pose as prospective renters, owners or purchasers of real estate for the purpose of gathering information. In other words, testers simulate ordinary housing transactions for the purpose of obtaining credible and objective information about housing practices. Testing can be used to investigate all types of housing and housing-related services. Testing evidence often forms the basis for successful resolution of a housing discrimination complaint. The Test Coordinator designs and controls the testing process so that it produces a fair assessment of housing practices.

Test Coordination:

  • Assist with and provide support for all testing projects and research
  • Assist with research and investigation related to case development and testing
  • Maintain, update and develop test forms
  • Assist with completion of all contractual testing requirements
  • Assist with tester recruitment, management and retention
  • Create, manage and update tester training materials and create tester training packets as needed
  • Assist with tester training scheduling and registration
  • Develop, update and conduct tester trainings
  • Assist with tester retention, including maintaining regular contact with testers
  • Create and maintain test files
  • Coordinate testing assignments according to established protocols
  • Determine appropriate test structure, tester instructions and control factors
  • Arrange tester participation and maintain communication with tester
  • Collect test forms and materials, debrief testers and assemble test file materials
  • Review and prepare preliminary analysis of test results according to established protocols
  • Maintain and update Test Log and Test Database
  • Research, create and implement special testing projects
  • Keep accurate records
  • Assist with enforcement reporting
  • Assist with case development
  • Assist with research, analysis, and data gathering for enforcement activities
  • Maintain and update enforcement-related logs and databases, including data entry and data quality review

Investigation and case handling:

  • Maintain a caseload of individual fair housing cases to assist complainants alleging fair housing discrimination
  • Present cases and communicate documentation and information to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for individuals who experienced discrimination in violation of the Fair Housing Amendments Act.

Community engagement and other duties as assigned:

  • Participate in/represent the Fair Housing Center at meetings, community resource fairs, volunteer fairs, and other outreach opportunities
  • Participate as needed in the Fair Housing Center’s events, including trainings provided to the community.
  • Assist as needed with grant/contract applications, reports, and administration
  • Any other duties as assigned

Required Skills/Attributes:

  • Must possess a commitment to civil rights and the ability to work with a diverse population
  • Ability to positively represent the values and goals of The Fair Housing Center
  • Serve as an advocate for fair housing
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent relationship building skills with diverse populations
  • Ability to think analytically, objectively, strategically and creatively
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to recruit and manage volunteers
  • Positive attitude and ability to have fun
  • Ability to maintain demeanor and professionalism in confrontational and emotional situations
  • Team-focused, but can work well both collaboratively and independently
  • Task oriented and self-motivated
  • Excellent organizational skills, with accuracy and attention to detail
  • Above average proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel as well as ability to contemporaneously input information into a web-based database
  • Ability to set and meet realistic goals, establish work priorities, handle pressure, meet deadlines, and evaluate and report results
  • Ability to multi-task while maintaining high standards for record-keeping, efficiency and effectiveness

Required Education/Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or at least 3 years of equivalent experience required


  • Juris Doctor or Master’s Degree
  • Bilingual and/or proficiency with the Spanish language
  • Activity/membership in the community, nonprofits or professional organizations
  • Experience coordinating volunteers
  • Experience with entering information into agency databases


Depends on experience. TFHC offers a competitive wages and a very strong benefits package.

The Fair Housing Center is an equal opportunity employer. The Fair Housing Center will provide reasonable accommodations of disability-related needs to persons with a disability.