Manager of Senior Services

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Administers, coordinates, and oversees the various components of the senior services programs provided by Neighborhood Health Association and ensures the effective operation and management of the senior centers.  Also responsible for supervising and managing program staff and volunteers.


  • Bachelor’s degree in gerontology, social services, recreation or closely related field is preferred.  Comparable education and experience will be considered.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience serving the public, with emphasis on senior population.
  • Minimum 2 years supervisory experience
  • Minimum of 2 years licensed driving experience.
  • Computer experience with proficiency in Microsoft Office products is required.  Experience using Internet and email programs.


  • Good judgment, negotiation and decision-making skills.
  • Strong ethics and a high level of personal and professional integrity.
  • Strong analytical skills and adept in interpreting strategic vision into an operational model.
  • An effective communicator at all levels in the organization, with strong oral, written and persuasive skills.
  • Valid Ohio Driver’s License and reliable personal transportation and proof of insurance.  Driving record must be satisfactory in order to be covered by the organization’s auto insurance policy
  • Maintain current CPR certification.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.
  • Public speaking skills strongly preferred.
  • Administration, finance and public relations skills as well as an ability to relate to senior citizens, work within a not-for-profit board structured organization is required.
  • Grant management skills strongly preferred

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plans, develops, implements and monitors programs, goals and objectives
  • Determines the need for supportive services including outreach, transportation, information and referrals for the senior population as necessary;
  • Promotes the center(s) to the community by actively recruiting new seniors by communicating its activities and promoting programs that address the social, physical and emotional needs of the elderly
  • Understands the significance of “units of service” to the targeted elderly population.
  • Prepares the department operating budget; submits grant funding applications to the appropriate agencies
  • Ensures data entry of “units of service” information
  • Creates and implements fundraising opportunities to assist in the provision of funds to run and maintain the center(s)’ programming.
  • Identifies senior citizens needs and develops new services and activities to address those needs, working with the Senior Services Advisory Council to accomplish the aforementioned.
  • Ensures Advisory Council is meeting regularly with supporting documentation.
  • Coordinates efforts with the Area Office on Aging, other agencies, organizations and groups serving the elderly and attends related meetings as appropriate.
  • Maintains and evaluates periodic reports on statistical data collected.
  • Develops and formulates performance measures and standards for the staff, as a basis for the conduction of annual performance management review program.
  • In collaboration with Human Resources Department, conducts in-depth assessment interviews to determine the technical and behavioral competencies of the candidate to ensure that the best from among the qualified candidates are being hired in the com
  • Adheres to, and implements the philosophy of “hiring the best fit” and ensures that prospective employees’ personal values are aligned with the company’s corporate values
  • Coordinates the recruitment of volunteers to assist in the delivery of services
  • Conducts regular and periodic meetings with staff and volunteers, to ensure the following:  Implementation of all plans, programs, and projects strictly adhering to prescribed deadlines and schedules
  • Communicates relevant information pertaining to senior services and ensures information is cascaded to the proper channels within the team in particular, and the organization in general.
  • Conducts and implements “Performance Improvement Program” through the following:
  • Performance coaching for the staff who failed to perform and deliver the prescribed and committed level of performance output and standards.
  • Performance counseling staff with behavioral problems.
  • Implements the necessary guidelines on discipline management for erring employees, in accordance with company policies, rules and regulations, due process and government regulations.
  •  Reviews and evaluates the performance of the team on a regular and periodic basis, and ensures that the overall performance of the staff is on-track, and well within the pre-           established goals and objectives.
  •  Consolidates performance status reports of the team as a basis for monitoring the progress of the various activities within the center(s).
  •  Ensures the center(s) are compliant with guidelines and requirements as established by funders and management.
  •  Compiles and submits monthly, quarterly and annual reports as required by funder(s) and management
  •  Ensure senior center staff are documenting services provided according to the guidelines of grantor(s)/funder(s) and management
  •  Manages the financial resources of the program(s) to accomplish the program objectives within the established guidelines.
  •  Ensures that the operating expenses are well within the prescribed limits of the budget plans and fiscal guidelines
  •  Order supplies as needed and approved.
  •  Oversee maintenance and upkeep of facilities and its grounds.
  •  Handles customer complaints and issues by explaining organizational policies and guidelines as well as those involving compliance issues with grantor(s)/funder(s).
  • Responsible for Senior Center(s) transportation services.
  • Oversees the use of the senior center van including: trips, cleanliness, maintenance, required inspections, and documentation of all the above.
  •  Ensures and documents that each vehicle operator has current/valid Ohio Motor Vehicle Operator’s License or license appropriate to the vehicle.
  •  Ensure annual motor vehicle reports are completed on each vehicle operator.
  • Ensures all staff are trained to drive and operate van according to the vendor’s guidelines and meet minimum requirements.
  • Also required to be qualified driver and drive the van as needed.
  • Ensures each vehicle operator has completed a AAA-Approved Passenger Assistance Training Course within 6 months prior to hire or within the first year of employment with the organization.
  • Ensures refresher course is completed every 3 years and maintains documentation of current training.
  • Ensures each vehicle operator has completed one Defensive Driving program (sponsors listed by funders) within one year prior to hire or within the first 3 months of employment with the organization
  • Ensures defensive driver trainer course be completed every 3 years and maintains documentation of current training

Full-time exempt position,  Monday through Friday no weekends or holidays.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package including Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance, a matching retirement plan, Employee Assistance Program, 11 paid holidays and generous PTO.

Please provide your salary requirements when you apply to be considered for an interview for this position.

Neighborhood Health Association (NHA), a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), is the largest community health center system in Northwest Ohio with partnerships that include ProMedica, Mercy Health, and University of Toledo Medical Center. NHA has grown from a single location in 1969 to 12 medical and dental clinics throughout Lucas County. Today we operate multiple health centers including pediatrics, adult medicine, dental services, health care for the homeless, women’s health center, senior centers, and a full-service pharmacy with lab services on site.

For more than 50 years, NHA has placed a strong focus on prevention and empowering individual responsibility in managing their health care and overall well-being. Our services are acutely responsive to the needs of everyone throughout the communities we serve, providing excellent care and the best health practices.

Our Mission: Through our exceptional health care services, we empower and educate, aggressively working to eliminate health care inequities, while supporting personal responsibility for one’s own health regardless of the ability to pay.

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