Part-Time Administrative Assistant

This is a part-time, hourly position hired by and directly accountable to the Board President, Treasurer and Grant Writer, as representatives of the Scrap 4Art Board.  Works in coordination with the Store Manager and other temporary store staff.  Hours are 28 per month at $20 per hour.


  1. Prepare and make regularly scheduled deposits. Input deposit records in the agency bank account.  Assure that cash receipts are reconciled and match the electronic Square record.  Provide a deposit record to the Treasurer, detailing all funds deposited by type and source.
  2. Open and route mail, looking for time-sensitive mailings to bring to the appropriate Board member’s attention
  3. Gather documentation for all expenses, noting on receipts the funding source to be charged, if other than the general fund.
  4. Issue thank you letters/emails for donations.
  5. Maintain a database of customers, donors and event attendees for email purposes.
  6. Answer emails directed to Scrap 4Art
  7. Recruit and manage volunteers by maintaining a database of contact information and roles, orienting new volunteers and tracking volunteer hours
  8. Update the website store items for sale with new photos and prices sent to the website administrator
  9. Contact businesses and individuals for donations
  10. Maintain the Google electronic records according to established systems and develop as needed.
  11. Maintain a record of registrations for workshops, camps and events and communicate with the instructor and appropriate Board member(s) regarding all registrations.
  12. Assist with fundraising efforts, including events, mailings and other activities as requested.

Interested parties should email a resume to [email protected] by February 15, 2023.