Program Intervention Technician

Schedules available

PT 1st Friday, Saturday and Sunday

PT 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday

FT 3rd

PT 3rd

This position will be working directly in a therapeutic setting with individuals with a diagnosis of autism
spectrum disorder. Constant engagement with and supervision of the individuals will be a requirement
for staff. This will include programs specific to the individual’s needs based on their IP; implementation
of Applied Behavioral Analysis (which is a highly scheduled, intensive therapeutic approach to teach
expected behavior and life skills); implementation of highly structured Behavior Support Plans and other
approaches that the team determines appropriate for the individual. Implementation of intense behavioral
programming is likely for issues including self-injury, aggression and elopement.
Essential Functions
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential
● Organize and maintain residential and instructional area
● Prepare and keep reinforcement and needed program materials accessible
● Delivers instruction following procedures learned from initial and ongoing training sessions and
based on feedback given from supervisors
● Collect data accurately following Boundless procedures
● Maintain individual’s program book
● Monitor individual’s IEP/Treatment Plan objectives and the progression of goals
● Complete any documentation needed for the individual when assigned by Supervisors
● Deliver reinforcement following principles as learned in initial and ongoing training sessions and
based on feedback from supervisors
● Implements specific behavior plans as directed by supervisors
● Demonstrates accurate implementation of programs as taught in initial and ongoing training
sessions and based on feedback from supervisors
● Identifies concerns with program goals and interventions and communicates this to supervisors
● Attends all training as directed by supervisor. This may include webinars or video training
● Receive and work towards goals developed by supervisors
● Communicates in a professional manner with coworkers and parents
● Seeks, receives and applies feedback appropriately and professionally
● Dresses appropriately and arrives on time for work
● Uses professional language when describing the children and/or behaviors
● Lift and transport children across the room or as necessary while maintaining their safety
● Implements Crisis Intervention and Behavioral Interventions to maintain safety
● Responsible for reading and following all Boundless and Medicaid policy and procedures
● Drives individuals to off site program locations, school, appointments, and community activities
● Involves individuals to whatever capacity possible in community events and activities
● Performs duties within home including, but not limited to: cooking; cleaning; laundry; grocery
shopping for the individuals or with them (in conjunction with their individual plans). Packs
lunches as designated
● Monitors individuals health and reports any concerns to nursing staff and/or supervisor
● Completes treatments as directed by nursing staff
● Maintains and fuels vehicles
The above statements reflect the general details considered necessary to describe the principal functions
of the job as identified, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all work required.
Minimum Qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age; High School Diploma or equivalent; must be
able to communicate in English, including both spoken and in writing.
Licensure/Certification: First Aid, CPR – adult, child and infant; delegated nursing; valid Ohio Driver’s
License with Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles; proof of auto insurance.
Experience: One year experience working with intellectually or developmentally disabled individuals
and experience implementing ABA preferred
● Must be detail oriented and have competent literacy and writing, documentation, communications
and interpersonal abilities.
● Must be able to use tools and equipment as required – including pushing/pulling wheelchairs,
lifting consumers with hoyer lifts
The physical activities for this position involve:
● Balancing
● Stooping
● Pulling
● Pushing
● Standing
● Kneeling
● Reaching
● Lifting(up to 50 lbs)
● Carrying(up to 50 lbs)
● Crouching
● Crawlin
The essential sensory and communicative activities include:
● Feeling
● Seeing
● Speaking
● Hearing
An individual in this position will be exposed to the following environmental conditions when performing
● Inside Environmental Conditions
● Outside Environmental Conditions
● Exposure to Blood
● Exposure to Bodily Fluids
● Combative Residents

To apply please visit or reach out to Ja’nee Barnett at [email protected]

Thank you