Introducing Nonprofit Notes

Resource Kahoot 1

We are always on the look out for resources, tools and concepts to share with you, our nonprofit colleagues.  It is with excitement we announce the launch of a new series, Nonprofit Notes (NP).

NPs are one-pagers designed to give you a quick overview of a resource or distill a complex topic, they also include a link to more information.

The Center is creating a library of Nonprofit Notes and as new issues are released, they will be announced here on our blog.  You are encouraged to share NPs with your colleagues and friends.

Our first NP was shared at the Alumni Kick-off event and features Kahoot.  Kahoot is an online tool to help you conduct polls, surveys and quizzes at no cost for either the designer or the participants, assuming all have an internet connection and a device to access the site.

We used the tool at the alumni event to poll members of the community regarding their preferences on a variety of topics. The poll was created in about 20 minutes, it was fun for participants to see their consolidated responses in real time and results were downloaded to Google Drive immediately. ​

Click here to access the Nonprofit Notes for Kahoot.

If you have a question about Nonprofit Notes or an idea for a future issue, please contact Heather Bradley at 419-241-9513 or [email protected].