• Guest Blogger – Rachel Ramjattan
    C4NPR Chats – Spinning Plates and Winning Boards In most nonprofits the Executive Director wears many hats inside the operation.  At the same time, the ED works with the Board to grow the impact of the work.  What is an ED …
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    Stages in a Nonprofit Board’s Life Cycle
    The Center commonly gets requests for technical assistance to help build and strengthen Boards. ​ Karl Mathiasen asserts “A board is not and cannot be static.  Instead it must change and evolve as the organization changes and grows.  The roles, …
  • is your board asleep at the wheel 1
    Is your board asleep at the wheel?
    Guest Blogger – Beth Short, Ohio Attorney General’s Office ​​ Board members of charitable organizations often take time to evaluate the programs of their charities. They want to make sure that high quality services are being provided in an effective …
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    Board Mastermind – Resources  Executive Director Performance Management
    Because the executive director is so central to the success or failure of the agency, evaluation of the executive director by the board is an important component of the board’s responsibilities. At the Board Mastermind session on 04-24-18, participants worked …
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    Nonprofit 2018 Top 5 Nonprofit Board Governance Challenges
    Board Effect published the top 5 challenges nonprofit boards face in 2018 Implementing Best Practices Building Board Diversity Leveraging Social Media “Refreshing” the Board Using Tech Effectively Click here for the study guide to help nonprofit leaders address these challenges.
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    2018 Board Mastermind Series
    In 2018, we are extending the opportunity to non-profit board members to tap into support from your peers in our community and The Center.  Our next series is the Nonprofit Board Mastermind, to help you and your organization deepen your …
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    Guide for Charity Board Members
    This helpful guide published by the Ohio Attorney General is the resource we distribute the most when we meet with clients for Technical Assistance. Charities are required by law to have board members to ensure integrity and accountability in their …
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    Oxygen Masks and Capacity Building?
    In her post on the BoardSource blog, Emily Brush makes the case for nonprofit organizations putting on their oxygen masks before helping others.  Translation?  Focus on sustainability first then increase impact. ​In recent years, says Emily, nonprofit boards have made …