Two Killer Tools to Help You Start a Sustainable Nonprofit

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    Two Killer Tools to Help You Start a Sustainable Nonprofit
    At The Center, we LOVE these tools.  It won’t take much of your time to use them but the future success of your new nonprofit depends on using them. Tool #1 – A Short Video This 3 minute 52 minute …
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    Internal Control Checklist
    In her recent workshop, titled Operational Excellence, Gretchen Upholt from FMA shared with us a variety of resources. An organizational assessment of internal controls was one of these resources. We thought it was too good not to share! ​ Click here to …
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    Financial Management Self Reflection Tool
    How confident are you in your organization’s financial management practices? In her recent workshop, Gretchen Upholt shared a resource with us to reflect on the financial management practices of organizations. To access this tool click here.​
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    Tool – The Alliance Continuum
    In her recent workshop, Karen Ray shared The Alliance Continuum.   It’s an important tool as we commonly use the terms collaboration and alliance without checking to see if potential partners are using them the same way. This handy one page …