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  • C4NPR Chat – The Board Doctor is in the house!
    Practical insights into board governance at this unusual time
  • C4NPR Chat – CARES Act Updates for Nonprofits
    Bill Wersell joins us to explain the different loans available to nonprofits due to the COVID-19 crisis (as of 04-03-20) Bill and his team are able to do Q&A with your business or nonprofit to find out if an SBA …
  • Welcoming Our New Associate Director
    Please help us give a warm welcome to our new Associate Director, Nicole Literacki. Meet Nicole in this episode of C4NPR Chats. You can connect with Nicole directly at 419-241-9513 or [email protected]
  • LEGAL BRIEFING – Don’t Panic…Plan! Evolving Employment Issues Around COVID-19
    Things are changing almost by the minute…but there’s no need to panic when we can plan! Patty is with us again to describe some of the upcoming changes defined in the newly-passed federal legislation…. Describe what systems will be put …
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    Innovation – What Is It?
    When organizations can figure out what needs to happen to foster innovation it can be a game changer.  Greater impact.  Attention and rewards from investors.  A more inclusive, collaborative workplace.  In this short video, our subject matter expert Patricia Moten …
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    Social Entrepreneurship – What Is It?
    We are excited to announce the first workshop of the year. When organizations take the time to plan and prepare, a social enterprise can create a big boost to the bottom line.  For others, however, it can drain valuable financial …
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    Guest Blogger – Karen Ray
    C4NPR Chat -Collaboration We recently sat down with Karen Ray to talk about collaboration. During our conversation she shared with us some best practices and things to consider when setting expectations for collaborations. To tap into her vast collaboration experience …
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    Guest Blogger – Debbie Wilde
    The Impact of an Outcome-Based Culture What is possible for an organization with a culture that values outcomes over activity? In this short video, our subject matter expert Debbie Wilde shares the value of creating an outcome-based culture. If you want …
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    Common Mistakes Made By Grant Seekers
    Check out this excerpt from our C4NPR Chat with Mary Sobecki.  Mary shares common mistakes made by grant seekers. To learn more, register for our free workshop First Steps: Getting Ready for Grants on June 13, 2017.
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    Daring Leadership…..what is it?
    In this short video (50 sec.), expert Janet Frood of Horizon Leadership explains “Daring Leadership” and why it is critical for success. How can you learn to become more creative and resilient in your leadership?  Plan to join the Daring …