Pro Bono Legal Services

Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono Program

The Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono Legal Services Program is working to identify nonprofits in the area who are in need of free legal assistance.

We have a group of volunteer attorneys who are interested in helping local nonprofits solve their legal issues, so they can better serve the community. Our volunteer attorneys can help with Employment and Contract issues.

If you are a local nonprofit who fits the criteria below, and believe you have a legal issue we can assist with, please call the Toledo Bar Association Pro Bono Program, and we will work to find an attorney to help you!


1. The group has no practical means of retaining a private attorney; and

2. The group is located in the Toledo metropolitan area; and

3. The group provides a tangible benefit to the community and its members.

To learn more about this program, or to see if your group qualifies, please call Maggie Humphrey at 419-242-4763