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    13 Leadership Skills You Didn’t Need A Decade Ago
    Leadership skills aren’t stagnant. Different generations moving in and out of the workforce dictate changes to the ways people lead.  If you’re wondering what skills have come into play lately for the modern leader, click here for insights from 13 professional coaches of Forbes …
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    Oxygen Masks and Capacity Building?
    In her post on the BoardSource blog, Emily Brush makes the case for nonprofit organizations putting on their oxygen masks before helping others.  Translation?  Focus on sustainability first then increase impact. ‚ÄčIn recent years, says Emily, nonprofit boards have made …
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    Guest Blogger – Melissa Brown
    The Future of Philanthropy Melissa Brown is our expert speaker at our workshop on October 12, 2017.  Melissa will share her insight on the future of philanthropy. Charitable giving in the United States is about 2% of GDP.Giving USA reports …