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  • Guest Blogger – Zach Huber
    Grant Writing is More Than the Proposal
  • Guest Blogger – Steven Shattuck
    Analog and Digital Fundraising: A Partnership That Works!
  • Legal Responsibilities
    Critical Legal Responsibilities for Your Board
    Guest Bloggers – Beth Short & Bill Sieck ​Every community has seen the sad headlines of a theft or some sort of fraudulent activity at a charitable organization. It is particularly heartbreaking if it is a charity that you are …
  • Outputs to Outcomes
    Making the Leap from Outputs to Outcomes
    Guest Blogger – David Holmes Back when I started working in nonprofits, I was told that there is always a leap of faith necessary, no matter how perfectly designed the program.  The design of the program could be as simple …
  • the value of marketing 1
    The Value of Marketing for Nonprofits
    Guest Blogger – Laura Macknick There are blogs, workshops, seminars, and even full textbooks that examine how to conduct effective marketing initiatives for your nonprofit organization.  With all that information out there, something all nonprofit organizations should hone in on …
  • your top 3 giving prospects 1
    Your Top 3 Giving Prospects
    Guest Blogger- Steven Shattuck Ask any fundraising consultant worth their salt what they think is the fundraising activity that produces the most ROI (return on investment) and they’ll all say the same thing. It’s not major gifts (though they’re a …
  • program evaluation mistakes 1
    3 Common Program Evaluation Mistakes
    Guest Blogger – Al Onkka 3 Common Program Evaluation Mistakes Program evaluation is an essential nonprofit activity and competency. Good program evaluation helps nonprofits improve their work, better serve their clients, tell a compelling story of impact, and build support. …
  • scariest part of 990 tax reform 1
    The Scariest Part of the 990 Tax Form
    Guest Blogger – David Holmes If you’re part of a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you can rest assured that your organization has to file some form of the IRS form 990 every year.  And if you’re not in the accounting/financial division of your …
  • setting up successful capital 1
    Setting Up a Successful Capital Campaign
    Guest Blogger – Amy Eisenstein Without the right tools and resources, you won’t be able to raise much more money than you’re raising right now – let alone all the money you’ll need to have a successful capital campaign. Without …
  • overhead not overhead 33
    When Is Overhead Not “Overhead”?
    Guest Blogger – Gretchen Upholt In nonprofit budgeting, some things are fairly straightforward. The salary of a member of the program delivery team is a program expense. Travel and lodging for board members coming to the annual meeting are administrative …